Beach Restoration

Aquatic-Marine, LLC’s beach restoration service uses natural methodology in restoring and repairing beaches.  We take sand that is naturally occurring off of near shore berms then push or scrape the sand and relocate it through mechanical means onto the beach helping to build beach height and beach width.  Aquatic-Marine, LLC’s beach restoration service provides private oceanfront communities throughout the North Bethany and surrounding Bethany Beach area with an affordable means of repairing and restoring their beaches as only public beaches can participate in Federal and State funded beach renourishment projects whereas private beaches cannot.  The most common type of work Aquatic-Marine, LLC’s beach restoration service provides is repairing the large swales or tidal pools that occur during extreme, prolonged periods of high tides.  These tides overwash the beach leaving large pools of seawater on low areas of the beach for days or weeks at a time.  This seawater becomes stagnant and not only looks unsightly but causes a strong odor as well.  Beach vacationers inexperienced with these tidal pools often think them to be a safe alternative for their children to play in as opposed to playing near the surf but what they don’t realize is that these pools of seawater are loaded with bacteria and can cause serious illness or infection.  Aquatic-Marine, LLC’s beach restoration service fills in these swales or tidal pools with sand that is borrowed from near shore berms.  These berms will then naturally replenish themselves overtime so that there is no adverse impact to the beach itself.  Once the swale or tidal pool is filled in, our beach restoration service then begins to groom and smooth out the beach to ensure a gentle sloping contour from the dune line down to the shoreline which helps protect the beach during storms and allows for easier access in and out of the water for swimming.  Call us today for a free consultation and estimate.

The Preserve during restoration
Sea Del during restoration
Ocean Ridge after restoration
Pelican's Pouch filling in tidal pool
Cotton Patch Hills after restoration
Bethany Village after restoration