Beach Grass Planting

Beach grasses are an integral part of the dune system.  Beach grasses not only help to stabilize the sand on the dune but they also aid in trapping windblown sand to build upon the sand already there and aid in the dunes overall development and stability.  Aquatic-Marine, LLC’s beach grass planting service plants Cape American beach grass in mid winter while the grass is still in dormancy and although the beach grass looks like dry stalks of hay when first planted, by spring it comes to life and turns a dark green as it takes root and begins to grow.  Beach grass is sold in bundles of culms or stems which are then planted two stems per hole 10 to 12 inches deep and at a root depth of 8 inches.  This helps keep the plant from drying out and also protects it from being dislodged by the wind.  The holes are then staggered 12 to 18 inches apart to help trap more sand and control loss of the plants due to wind erosion.  The pictures displayed here on our beach grass planting webpage are in sequential order.  The first picture shows the grass being planted in its dormant stage.  The second picture shows what beach grass looks like when planted.  The third and fourth pictures show the before and after of when the beach grass is first planted in winter and then growing in spring.  The fifth picture shows full maturation of the beach grass on the dune all of which were planted by Aquatic-Marine, LLC’s beach grass planting service.  Once planted, it is imperative to keep pedestrian foot traffic, dogs, etc. from walking on the dunes as this will not only damage or kill the plants but also causes dune degradation.  This can be prevented by constructing dune crossovers and beach access steps or beach access ramps and installing dune fencing all of which are services offered by Aquatic-Marine’s dune crossover and beach access step and beach access ramp construction service and dune fence installation service.  Call us today for a free consultation and estimate.

Planting culms of Cape American beach grass
Newly planted culms of Cape American beach grass
Culms of beach grass planted in winter
Same culms planted in winter now growing in spring
Beach grass at full maturation