Beach Debris Removal

At Aquatic-Marine, LLC our beach debris removal service picks up what our beach cleaning and beach raking service doesn’t such as large, heavy pieces of ocean debris and beach debris.  Ocean debris can come from many different sources including ships and large vessels sailing along the coast.  Debris removed from these sources over the years include oil drums, fuel barrels, pieces of rigging, deck equipment, tow lines, fishing nets, crab pots, fishing buoys and mooring buoys, etc.  Another source of ocean debris found on our beaches comes from hard structure storm damage.  When a powerful coastal storm such as a nor’easter or hurricane impacts the Delaware beaches, strong winds and tides push water into the inland bays often damaging marine structures along the waterfront such as docks and piers.  Pilings, decking, etc. often break free of the main structure and become adrift eventually going out to sea through inlets on outgoing tides and then coming ashore on incoming tides and depositing the large pieces of wooden debris along Delaware’s beaches.  Beach debris, also caused by coastal storm activity, comes from damage to oceanfront structures such as decks, dune crossovers, dune fencing, etc.  This debris can be quite dangerous if it’s not removed immediately as it can go back out into the surf zone causing serious injury to swimmers or out to near shore waters causing navigational hazards and damage to boats and watercraft.  The debris, if left ashore, also poses a hazard to beach goers due to rusty nails, bolts and screws which can cause serious injury if stepped on.  Aquatic-Marine's debris removal service breaks down the debris into smaller pieces which is either bagged or loaded onto trucks and removed from the beach for disposal.  A clean, debris-free beach is imperative to everyone’s safety and enjoyment.  At Aquatic-Marine, LLC our debris removal service strives to ensure a pristine beach and safe ocean environment.  Call us today for a free consultation and estimate.

Dune debris
Beach debris loaded onto truck and ready for removal
Bagged beach debris
Bagged debris removed from beach
Clean beach after debris removal